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All things come out of the one, and the one out of all things.  

(Heraclitus, 500BC)

Hypnotherapy is for everyone

Having our spirit united to our greater mind is wisdom beyond the need to understand, rationalise or analyse.  It is what the mystics refer to as “all that is” beyond words. We are one and many layered and can have many existences simultaneously - that is as it is.

It is my belief that all Hypnotherapy is Spiritual, wether we want to stop smoking, lose weight, drink less, feel more confident, increase our self esteem,  being less anxious or discover our Soul's purpose? Our Soul exists beyond the confines of linear time, space and therefore physical reality.  

Our Soul is the  record keeper of all our experiences across dimensions linking us to infinity - eternity and all that is.

It seems our Soul connects us to our infinite beingness.

Why do hypnotherapy?

It is a tool we use to either change, transform, explore or release that which we no longer want in our lives.  When we do that inevitably we change, grow and evolve.   Spiritual growth is non religious it is simply making known the unknown, learning, growing and evolving. We are multidimensional beings that can access the star systems, the galaxies, portals and wormholes beyond the speed of light, beyond the constraints of gravity. We are here to uncover who we are really?

Hypnotherapy Pioneers

Numerous references exits now on the Souls Journey out of body, near death experiences and people like  Dr. Brian Weiss  has not only regressed his patients into the past, but has progressed them into the future. And what they have discovered is that our futures are variable, so the choices we make now will determine the quality of life when we return. Michael Newton, PhD., author of the Books ' Journey of Souls' & Destiny of Souls is one of the Pioneers that Uncovered the mysteries of Life after death and assisted those who want to possess self knowledge; who want to explore answers to questions such as: who am I? where do I come from? what is my life’s purpose, what have I learned and accomplished?  what is still undone?

Anna’s Professional Training

Professional Memberships

Dragonfly Dreaming Book & DVD Set - by Anna Pye

Dragonfly dreaming is a personal spiritual journey to uncover who we are and a quest for what is real. Anna proved through her personal experience that conventional physical reality is just one dimension of an infinite spectrum of reality that we exist in. Orbs are at the forefront of this reality and their invitation to us is to accept our multi dimensionality. If we invent our reality according to our intention and acceptance, how would it be if we all raise our vibration to become part of a new reality. A new dream to exist as spiritual beings across dimensions. This book is more than a personal journey into the unknown it provides a workbook for those who want practical tools to open new doorways of perception. It includes CD's of coloured orb photographs to show anyone can join in to get to know orbs and can invite them to participate in your/our world of the now.

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Michael Newton Interview

Past life Interview about Life Between Life Therapy: Michael Newton

Dr Brian Weiss:  Past Life Regression explanation and demonstration

You receive:

Dragonfly Dreaming CD:  Meditations and Exercises To Step into the Now

DVD 1: Orbs the invitation to Multidimensionality

Photographs of Orbs taken over a long period, running time is 30 minutes.

DVD 2: Orbs Awakening to Multidimensionality

Includes photographs of Orbs, Nature spirits and images of the cosmos it has a 12 minutes running time.


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