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Through the lens of the camera life is paused to allow us to experience the beauty of the natural landscape around us. David has spent many years appreciating the impact of light to convey the peacefulness and serenity of photographing landscapes, looking beyond the image to perceive the magic nature chooses to reveal.

You will be introduced to the technical skills needed to understand various camera features and to select the best methods for bringing landscapes to life. Beyond the technical skills needed to  view, compare, contrast and select you will be taught the art of perceiving beyond the image to create your unique perspective.

DATES: 25-26 February 2017 | 6th 7th May 2017

TIME: 10am - 4pm (arrive 30 minutes early)

COST: $275.00 (Morning tea and locally grown wholesome lunch included)

TEACHER: David Willson  Read Bio

PHOTOGRAPHY - 2 Day Workshop

February 2017 | May 2017

Tutor to supply:

Students to bring:


Dave has been living in the greater Blue Mountains, Oberon, Lithgow areas since 2000. 

David is a digital photographer and artist who applies a variety of Artistic styles such as Abstract,  Realism and Impressionisms in his photography. Whilst living in the Mountains Dave published his work online as “Brackheathen Photography". Dave is a master of expanding the creative process from capturing a mundane image then bringing it to life through the utilisation of camera features and software programs having dramatic effect.   

Artists that inspire him include Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, Robert Frank, Dominique Tarlé. Two exhibitions that have spoken to Dave include: The 'Mad Square' an exhibition in Modernity in German Art between the wars and 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith, which is a text book on the struggles, triumphs, high and lows of people who follow an artistic vision.

Dave will bring art and photographic resources to inspire and teach you to master the art of photography and introduce you to the technical editing skills, camera features and software programs required to bring images to life. He will show examples of his work using a Power Point Presentation that will illustrate the editing process, composition and the use of light and provide information on editing programs. You will learn how take images in real life and to be creative with the interphases between light and dark, how to then edit the images on the computer, changing focal points to create a dramatic impact to breathe life into ordinary day to day images.