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Wire art sculpting is as ancient art form, it allows you to have fun with expressing and exploring a versatile range of forms inexpensively. You can free form dimensionally borrowing from nature, the animal or human kingdom or delve into mythical forms hidden in the archive of your imagination.  

During this two day workshop Gabrielle will introduce you to the art of barbwire sculpting. You will have enormous fun creating a ball wire sculpture and exploring  free form sculpture where your sense of fun and imagination are the only ingredients needed to construct and complete two art works to take home with you.

Classes between 8 - 12 people (minimum 8 required).

DATES: 22nd - 23rd September, 2018

TIME: 10am – 4pm (arrive 30 minutes early)

COST: $275 (Morning tea and locally grown wholesome lunch included)

TEACHER: Gabrielle Saville  Read Bio

WIRE SCULPTURE - 2 Day Workshop

September 2018

Tutor to supply:

Students to bring:


Being called an artist is somewhat foreign to me…I have come by this title accidentally. What I love is  “to create”.  Because I live on a rural farm I have at my disposal unlimited supples of fantastic materials…  so I turn old into new and recycle.  I love rust and it features greatly in my work. I love working with my hands and get a great deal of pleasure out of creating “stuff “that other people admire,  appreciate and would like to own.

I have the time, the energy, the desire, the tools and materials all at my fingertips and I get to play any time I wish…out of this has developed MY ART.

I see potential in rusty wire, old roofing iron, wood, concrete, polypipe…in fact anything that is available be it corks or pallets, I can see the possibilities to turn nothing into something desirable.

If this is ART…I am an ARTIST.